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Setting up a default super account for a new member
Here we go over how to set up a default super account for a new member
Click on 'People'.
Select the employee you would like to create a super account for.
Click on 'Edit'.
Select 'Bank & Super'.
Enter the name of the super fund and click 'Search'.
Select the correct super fund.
Enter the member number as nine 9's (999999999).
Click 'Save' to finish.
Submit a batch through SuperStream. This will send a message to the superfund to create an account for the new member and will deposit the super they are owed into their new account. If this fails, you will be refunded the amount.
You will need to change the member number once the employee has received their new member number by email from the superfund.
For some superfunds, you will not be able to use this method. In this case, you will be refunded and you will need to contact the superfund to do this manually.
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