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Adding employee seats to your subscriptions from your employee onboarding
Here we will go over how to add an employee seat to your subscription whilst onboarding your employees.
When you have an existing subscription and you employ a new employee, you will have the option to add an additional employee seat straight from the employee onboarding page.
Select People
Select New Employee
Enter the Employee details. On this screen, if the employee is on the payroll and roster select "Payroll and roster" to add them to the subscription.
Enter the rest of the employee details as required. For assistance please follow this guide.
On the final page, in order to proceed, you will need to indicate that the employee will be added to the subscription and will be charged at the prorated amount. Then select Add Employee.
Your subscription has now been updated and you should have received a receipt to your email.
Please note that your total payment amount is the amount in total that you are currently subscribed.
Please note that if your agent is currently paying for your subscription then you will not be able to add an employee seat unless you enter your own credit card details to the billings page to update the plan. If you are paying for the subscription and would like to provide your agent, access to customise your subscription you will need to provide them with the access to do so.
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