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How to update your staff for STP Phase 2
Here we will go over how to update your staff for STP Phase 2 for existing users
This feature is currently only available for users on STP Phase 2. We're gradually rolling out STP Phase 2 and the new features that come with it on the Payroller web and mobile apps over the coming few weeks.
When you first sign in you will receive a pop-up to set up your existing employees for STP Phase 2.
Please note that only active employees are listed on the pop-up. To update deactivated employees, select edit on the employee in the People section and activate them. This will open the pop up for you to update the employee to STP Phase 2
Please note: if you do not have all these details prepared, you can close this pop-up and it will remind you the next time you log in or refresh your screen. You can also save the information and go back to the individual employee card in the People tab and edit this in the Tax section.
Select the Status of Residency for your employee.
Choose between Australian resident, Foreign resident and Working Holiday. Note: Australian resident refers to whether the employee is an Australian resident for tax purposes.
Select the Income type.
Note: Income type is not needed for Working Holiday Makers. Instead, you will need to select their Home country.
Choose whether your employee's income type is Salary and Wages, Closely Held Payee, or Seasonal Worker Programme.
Note: Seasonal Worker Programme is only available for Australian residents.
Finally, if your employee is a Horticulturalist or Shearer check the tick box, otherwise continue onto your next employee and follow the same procedure.
Once you have finished with your employees select ‘save’.
You have now successfully switched to STP Phase 2.
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