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How to add worker's compensation
Here we will go over how to add workers compensation
This feature is currently only available for users on STP Phase 2. We're gradually rolling out STP Phase 2 and the new features that come with it on the Payroller web and mobile apps over the coming few weeks.
To add worker's compensation leave payments select ‘+New Pay Run’
Check and edit as required your Pay Run Period, Pay Period Ending Date, and Payment Date and select ‘Let’s Start!’
Select ‘More’
Select ‘Worker’s compensation'
If your employee did not have any ordinary work hours during the pay period that you are paying the worker's compensation please make sure to 0 out Ordinary work hours and $ amounts.
Enter the worker's compensation leave amount
Once you have finished entering those details select ‘next’
Select ‘Submit’
The employees' payslip will now show this amount.
Looking for how to input other leave types on your pay run? Check out the guides below
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