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How to add Ancillary/Defence leave
Here we will go over how to add Ancillary/Defence leave
This feature is currently only available for users on STP Phase 2. We're gradually rolling out STP Phase 2 and the new features that come with it on the Payroller web and mobile apps over the coming few weeks.
To add Ancillary/Defence leave select ‘+New Pay Run’
Check and edit as required your Pay Run Period, Pay Period Ending Date and Payment Date and select ‘Let’s Start!’
Select ‘More’
Select ‘Ancillary/Defence leave’
If your employee did not have any ordinary work hours during the pay period that you are paying the Ancillary/Defence leave please make sure to 0 out Ordinary work hours and $ amounts.
Enter the amount of Ancillary/Defence leave
Once you have finished entering those details select ‘next’
Select ‘Submit’
The employees' payslip will now show this amount.
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