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FAQ on STP Phase 2
Frequently asked questions on STP Phase 2
Some frequently asked questions

What is STP Phase 2?

STP Phase 2 is the expansion of the ATO's Single Touch Payroll reporting.
Under these changes, you will no longer need to manually report information about your employees to multiple government agencies.
Your existing reporting and payroll processes stay the same but Payroller will be sending more detailed information about your business to the ATO.
You already give us most of this information when you set up your employees and create pay runs.
However, you are required to do a one time update for existing employees to switch to STP Phase 2.
You must be reporting with STP Phase 2 by 1 April 2022.
Check out our blog for more information.

What are the new features of STP Phase 2?

With the release of STP Phase 2, the following new payment types are available:
  • Director’s fees
  • Child support
  • Workers compensation
  • Paid parental leave
  • Ancillary/defence leaves
  • More allowance types, including award transport payments, cents per kilometre, task, laundry, overtime meal, qualification, travel, tool, and other.
You can also indicate that you have registered for the Working Holiday Maker scheme and indicate closely-held payees.

What do I need to do to be STP Phase 2 ready?

Our technical team is currently working on this release. You do not have to do anything for now. Once it is ready, you will receive a pop-up when you log in on the Payroller website to fill in a few additional information for your employees, and then you will have successfully transferred over to STP Phase 2. Once STP Phase 2 is live and available you will be notified via email.
STP Phase 2 deadline has been extended to the 30th of June 2022

I don't see any option to update to STP Phase 2, what do I do?

If you have received an email that STP Phase 2 is available on your account but you have not received a pop-up to enter additional tax information please check whether your employees have been activated by checking the tax section of the employee card.

How do you activate STP Phase 2?

We're gradually rolling out STP Phase 2 and the new features that come with it on the Payroller web and mobile apps over the coming few weeks. Once STP Phase 2 is available, we will let you know via email. You will also receive a pop-up when you log in to your Payroller account which will ask you to fill out additional tax information to activate STP Phase 2.
Once you have received the email notifying you that STP Phase 2 has been released on your account, if you use the mobile app, you will need to download the newest version of the app. When you open the app, you will also receive a pop-up asking you to enter additional tax information so you can switch to STP Phase 2.
Check out this guide for assistance.
If you sign up to Payroller after STP Phase 2 has been released, your reporting will be set to STP Phase 2 and you won’t need to fill out any pop-ups.

How do I know that I have successfully activated STP Phase 2?

Once you have entered all your tax information in the pop up provided when you first log in, the tax component of your employee card will have changed from STP Phase 1 format to STP Phase 2

STP Phase 1 - has TFN declaration and four additional information check points

STP Phase 2 - Income tax type field, three additional information checkpoints, and no TFN declaration

Why do I need to do STP Phase 2?

STP Phase 2 is the expansion of the ATO's Single Touch Payroll reporting. To continue to be compliant with your STP reporting obligations, you must switch to STP Phase 2 by 1 April 2022. You can apply for further extensions with the ATO.

Once I convert to STP Phase 2 can I change it back?

Once you have activated STP Phase 2 you will not be able to change it back. There are no additional obligations or changes under STP Phase 2 once you have set the employee's tax components. If you have signed up for STP Phase 2, this will not cause any issues to your reporting obligations as the ATO will consider STP Phase 2 from the pay run that was first submitted under STP Phase 2.

What happens to the pay runs I submitted on STP Phase 1? Do I need to edit and resubmit?

When you switch to STP Phase 2, your pay runs will automatically be converted to the new reporting format. You are not required to edit and/or resubmit them. If you have ceased reporting or you will not be processing a pay run after the STP Phase 2 start date, you do not need to switch to STP Phase 2 or resubmit your old pay runs.

If I previously submitted the new categories on STP Phase 1 do I need to change it to add the specific categories on STP Phase 2?

STP Phase 2 categories only apply from the date STP Phase 2 has been activated so you do not need to edit previously submitted categories in the new version. However, if you would like to do this for your record-keeping, you can do so.

The TFN declaration has disappeared. How do I declare my employees TFN?

With the release of STP Phase 2, you will no longer need to submit a TFN declaration as this information is already reported through STP Phase 2 and your reporting obligations have been met.

My employee was not listed in the pop up for STP Phase 2

Your employees will not be included in the STP Phase 2 pop up if they are currently deactivated or they have already been updated. If you need to include this employee in your STP Phase 2 reporting, you can activate them in the People section and the pop-up will appear for you to update their details.

Can I add negative balances to my payroll?

You can add negative balances to all areas of the pay run but the total gross must be 0 or greater. If you attempt to submit STP for a pay run with a negative gross you will receive an error message and will not be able to proceed until the pay run has been resolved.