Registering your clients with the ATO

Here we go over how you can register your clients' software IDs with the ATO

For the following to work, your client will need to be linked to your Agent Portal on the ATO. If they are not on your client list, you will need to add them.

Option 1: Call the ATO

Call the ATO on 1300 852 232.

Tell them that you are a Registered Agent nominating an STP software for your client.

They will likely ask you for the following information:

  • Your Agent name

  • Your Agent contact details

  • Your RAN

  • The Client's ABN

  • The name of the Software Provider or their ABN

  • The SSID (unique Software ID)

Option 2: Complete a Bulk Notification Request

If you are notifying the Software ID for multiple clients, you can complete a Bulk Notification Request.

You can download the form from here.

You will need to fill out all the fields and dave a copy.

In 'Online Services for Agents', select the message topic 'General Questions/problems/help

Enter the message subject 'Single Touch Payroll Enquiries'.

Attach and send the request with the supporting documents.

This method can have up to a 28 day processing period.