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Registering with the ATO
Here we explain how to register your Payroller account with the ATO
You have two options with registering Payroller as your STP software to the ATO.
Both of these require your Software ID.
If you are an agent do NOT add your clients software ID to your own access manager but follow the guide for registering your clients with the ATO as an agent.

Follow this method if you don’t have myGov or you’re not familiar with the ATO’s online services:

Firstly, make sure you have your software ID.
Call the ATO via 1300 85 22 32.
Inform them that you wish to nominate Payroller as your STP Software Provider and give them your software ID.

Follow this method if you have a myGov and you are familiar with the ATO’s online services:

Go to
Login as an Access Manager using your myGov.
Click on ‘My hosted SBR software service.
Select ‘Notify the ATO of your hosted service’.
Search for Payroller by entering our ABN (91 617 668 185) or our Software Service Provider name (Payroller).
Add your Software ID.
Click ‘Save’ to finalise.