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Allow Long service leave
Here we go over how to allow Long service leave
To allow long service leave for your employees select Settings
Select Organisation Settings
Select Leave Settings
select "Allow long service leave"
Select the correct long service leave rate
The amount of long service leave varies across states in Australia. Select the state you live in so your long service leave is accrued correctly.
Also, tick the Long service leave option in the 'Shown in Payslip' section if you want the long service leave to show in the payslip.
Please note: long service leave will accrue on full-time, part-time, and casual employees. If you would like the system to continue to accrue long service leave for your employees but do not wish to show this amount on the employee's payslip please feel free to untick the long service leave balance the shown in payslip section.
Your employee payslips will now show Long Service Leave accrual.
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