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Using pay template
Here we explain how to use the pay template
The template section can be used to automatically upload a pay event for a particular employee.
This means that if your employee receives different rates, set tax, a regular allowance, or deduction or they regularly sacrifice some of their salary for superannuation, they will automatically be added to a pay run.
To do this, click on the settings icon for the relevant employee.
Go to Template
In the Template screen, you have the option to add
  • Extra hours: Ordinary hours, overtime-exempt from super, and other additional hours that you can label
  • Allowances: car, transport, laundry, meals, travel, or other.
  • Deductions: Pre-tax, post-tax, Fringe benefit, fees, or workplace giving.
  • Superannuation: Employer contribution and salary sacrifice
  • Fixed Tax
For users who are on STP Phase 2, there are additional allowance options to choose from such as Award transport payments, Cents per kilometre, Task, Overtime meal, Qualification, and Tools. There are also new deduction options such as Child support garnishees and child support deductions.
Enter the details as needed and click Save.
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