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Setting up as an agent
Here we go over how you set up your agent account in Payroller
If you plan on running payroll for your own agent account as well as running payroll for multiple companies you can setup your Payroller account as an Employer/Company Admin and then switch to an agent account afterwards. If you plan on running payroll only for other companies please follow this guide.
The first thing you’ll need to do is to make sure you’re on our website.
For reference, our homepage is
From there, you should be able to see a few different buttons labeled ‘Try for free’.
Click on one of those.
After you’ve clicked on one of these, you will be taken to our onboarding page.
Then you will be asked whether you are an Employer/Company Admin or a Tax Agent/Bookkeeper.
Select Tax Agent/Bookeeper.
Select your agent type. (note: If your agent type is not identified, select "Other" and enter your agent type manually).
You will then be asked how many employees or clients that you have.
You’ll need to select whichever option applies to you.
Please note that if you go over or under this amount, you will not be affected in any way.
The next thing you’ll be asked for is your company name.
Enter the company name in here and click ‘Next’.
Don’t stress if you enter the wrong name in here as this can be changed in the program.
The final thing you need to enter at this stage is your email.
Once that’s done, click on ‘Next’ to complete your registration.
This can also be changed within the product so don't worry too much if you think you'll need to change it later on. Just take note of what email you've used here!
Once thats complete you are now ready to start inviting or importing your clients onto Payroller.
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