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Changing from another payroll software (Xero, MYOB, Reckon)
Here we go over how you can make the switch from a different payroll software (Xero, MYOB, Reckon, etc.)
If you were previously using a different payroll software but have decided to switch to Payroller, you can do so by following these four steps:
Please note that if you have submitted STP in your previous payroll software for the current financial year, you will need to remove these figures from your previous software and from the ATO. You can then enter the YTD figures from your previous software in the opening balances section in Payroller. This will prevent any figures from doubling up when you begin using Payroller.

Step 1: Sign up for Payroller and set up your account as usual.

You'll need to sign up for Payroller if you haven't yet done so. This can be done here. We have a number of tutorials to help you through this process, including how to set up your account, how to add employees and how to create pay runs. You'll also be able to find more detailed explanations and tutorials about more specific functions in the contents bar in the column on the left of this tutorial.

Step 2: Set your Opening Balances.

If you've already reported some of your pay runs on your previous payroll software, you'll need to add these to your Opening Balances on Payroller. If you don't add your YTD values, at the end of the financial year, your values will be incorrect. To do this, go to People and click on the relevant employee. The next step is to click Edit and go to the Opening Balances heading. In here you can set the leave balances as well as the YTD values as at the day you decided to switch to Payroller. You'll need to include YTD values for gross earnings, tax and super. We have a full tutorial on how to do this here.

Step 3: Add your BMS ID.

You'll also need to retrieve the Business Management Software (BMS) ID you were assigned in your previous payroll software. From here you need to add this to Payroller. This can be entered by going to Settings in the column on the left and selecting STP Settings. Delete the BMS ID generated by Payroller and add your own. If you have already Enabled STP, you will need to disable to edit the BMS ID. Don't forget to enable again once you're done. For a full tutorial on how to add your BMS ID, click here.
A number of the other payroll software don't provide you with this information in this software. If you are unable to retrieve it by looking for it, try contacting your provider and asking for your BMS ID. You can also obtain your BMS ID from the ATO's Business Portal.
To do this, log in to the Business Portal. Go to 'Manage employees' and click on 'STP reporting'.
You can find your BMS ID by clicking on the drop down arrow next to one of your STP reports.

Step 4: Contact the ATO, give them your new software ID and inform them that you are changing software.

Just as you did when you nominated your software ID from your previous payroll software, you will need to register your new Software ID from Payroller with the ATO.
You have the choice to either call the ATO and inform them of the change while giving them the new software ID or you can nominate the new one on Access Manager. We have a tutorial to help you with this process here. The software ID can be found under Settings in STP Settings. A tutorial to help you find this can be found here.