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How to add allowances on the Payroller mobile app
Here we will go over how to add allowances on the Payroller mobile app
To get the latest updates such as STP Phase 2, please use the mobile app version android or ios 3.0.14 and onwards.
To add allowances to your pay run select ‘Run Payroll’
Check and edit as required your Pay Run Period, Pay Period Ending Date, and Payment Date, and select ‘Next’
Select the + button.
Select ‘Add Allowances’.
Customise whether your allowance is subject to tax and super by selecting subject to tax and super.
Select your allowance type by selecting “Other”.
Enter the total unit and amount figures for the allowance.
Once you have finished entering those details select the arrows on the right or swipe left on the screen for your employees.
After reviewing the summary select the arrows on the right or swipe left on the screen.
Press the button to submit.
Select ‘Submit’ to submit STP to the ATO.
The employees' payslip will now show this amount.

Allowance Definitions

The following definitions are to be used as a guide only. Please refer to the ATO for the full definitions and the criteria for providing these allowances.

Award transport payments

Deductible expense allowances for the total rate specified in an industrial instrument to cover the cost of transport for business purposes, as defined in section 900-220 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Cents per KM

Deductible expense allowances that define a set rate for each kilometre travelled for business purposes that represents the vehicle running costs, including registration, fuel, servicing, insurance and depreciation into account.


Deductible expense allowances for washing, drying and/or ironing uniforms required for business purposes.

Overtime meal

Deductible expense allowances defined in an industrial instrument that are in excess of the ATO reasonable amount, paid to compensate the payee for meals consumed during meal breaks connected with overtime worked.


Deductible expense allowances that are paid for maintaining a qualification that is evidenced by a certificate, licence or similar.


Service allowances that are paid to a payee to compensate for specific tasks or activities performed that involve additional responsibilities, inconvenience or efforts above the base rate of pay.


Deductible expense allowances to compensate a payee who is required to provide their own tools or equipment to perform work or services for the payer.


Deductible expense allowances that are in excess of the ATO reasonable allowances amount (for domestic or overseas travel), undertaken for business purposes, which are intended to compensate employees who are required to sleep away from home.


Any expense allowances that are not otherwise separately itemised.