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Getting set up
Here we break down how you switch from demo mode to the real thing
Once you have registered your account you'll need to set up your company.
To do this, click the button on 'Get Started'.
You’ll be taken to the onboarding screen.
This will first ask you for your company name or ABN.
Enter your company name or ABN in here and click on the Search button to look it up.
An STP prompt will then appear.
It will give you instructions on how you can notify the ATO of your chosen STP software (Payroller in this case).
There will also be details about the software provider and your software ID that you can email yourself.
If you’re happy with this, you can choose to Enable STP.
If you want to go back to this, select ‘Skip’.
If you choose to Enable STP, you'll be taken to this screen.
Enter your address here and click Next.
Enter the signatory name of the individual lodging STP and their contact number.
Click 'Done' when you're finished.
Now we can start adding your first employee
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