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TFN Declaration
Here we explain how to do an online TFN declaration on Payroller
When you employ a new worker, you need to provide the ATO with a TFN declaration.
It might be easier for you to complete an electronic TFN declaration via Payroller rather than manually filling out a handwritten one.
There are two different methods of doing this; one for when you've already set up the employee and the other for when you're setting up the employee.

For employees that you have already added to Payroller:

Go to People.
Select the relevant employee.
Click on the blue pencil button to edit.
You will be taken to the employee's details.
From here, go to the Tax section.
Tick the TFN declaration box.
Hit Save!

For employees that you haven’t added to Payroller:

Go to People.
Go about the usual way that you would add a new employee.
Fill out all of the necessary details.
Once you reach the tax section, make sure you tick the TFN declaration box.
Click Next and finish the employee’s setup.