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Editing a pay run
Here we break down how you can edit a pay run and submit this as an update event to the ATO
Please note that there is no way to edit the dates of a pay run. If you have NOT reported STP You will have to delete the payrun and redo it. If you've already reported STP, follow this tutorial.
To edit a pay run, go to the Run Payroll section in the left-hand column.
Select the relevant pay run.
Click on Edit.
This will allow you to go in and edit the pay run as needed.
If you have already submitted STP for this pay run, make sure you resubmit it after you have made the changes.
Please note that when you resubmit a pay run to the ATO, it will appear as an 'Update Event' in the ATO portal. The ATO reports will not show what you have changed the wages to.
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