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Bulk Payroll and STP
Here we show you how to complete a bulk pay run and a bulk STP report.
To do a bulk pay run, select the Bulk Payroll section in the left-hand column.
Make sure you are in the Bulk Pay Run section.
Select the clients that you wish to run payroll for.
You will then be taken to the Adjust section for the first client.
Once you click Next, you'll be in the Review section.
Submit if you're satisfied. This will take you to the payroll of the next client.
Once you've completed and submitted the pay runs for each of the clients, you'll need to do the STP report for each of them.
To do this, make sure that you're in the Bulk STP Report section.
Tick the relevant clients.
Fill out the STP Lodgement Declaration.
Click on 'Submit STP' to complete.
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